Marine gearboxes


Pleasure craft:
Intermittent operation with very large variation in engine speed. Maximum power capacity is intended only for personal use, planing hull pleasure craft where full engine throttle operation will be less than 10% of the total time with balance of time at 80% of full throttle engine RPM or less. Annual operating hours up to 500. (For TMC transmissions 300 hours/year).
Intermediate duty:
Full throttle operation will average only a few hours per day with major portion of usage at partial throttle and total annual usage of 2000 hours or less.
Continuous duty:
Continuous operation with full engine governed speed. Unlimited hours per year.
The responsability for ensuring torsional compatibility rests with the assembler.
TECHNODRIVE can accept no liability for gearbox noise or for damage to the gearbox, the flexible coupling or to other parts of the trasmission caused by this kind of vibrations.